Rebecca is a pediatric physical therapist and is certified to teach a popular natural birth method. Rebecca teaches childbirth classes locally and has successfully had two natural births herself.

Dear Mother-to-Be,

Having a child is one of the most exciting and memorable experiences of any woman’s life. But if you’re expecting a child (particularly if this is your first time), it can also be pretty overwhelming!

Your mind is undoubtedly filled with fear, uncertainty, and confusion. You want the best, most positive birth experience possible for you and your new baby… but you just don’t know where to turn to get support and answers to your questions!

Tell me if any of these ring a bell for you:

  • You’re happy about being pregnant and becoming a mother… but that happiness is overshadowed by fear that the birthing process will be traumatic!
  • You’re struggling to deal with all of the hormonal changes happening in your body… and you wonder if you’ll ever get to feel “normal” again!
  • You’re worried that your pregnancy won’t go the way you and your partner planned… and you don’t know if you could live with yourself if something goes wrong!
  • You’ve heard horror stories from other women about their birth processes… and you’re not sure you can handle it!
  • You’re concerned that you may not have lined up the right health care providers for you when you finally go into labor!
  • You’re stressed out about being the best parent you can be after your child is born!

You probably recognized at least a few of these fears and frustrations… and if you’re like most women, you might even feel a little bit guilty about having those feelings.

But the first thing you need to know is this: Fears and worries are extremely common – you’re not the only one dealing with them! And there’s really no reason to feel guilty about having these feelings. After all, no matter whether you have or haven’t had children before, each experience is completely unique… and you worry that you’re not prepared!

The stress of pregnancy can take hold even if you’re not pregnant yet! If you and your partner are just thinking about having a baby, or if your friends and family members are pressuring you to have a child even though you don’t feel ready… the stress can be as intense as if you were actually pregnant!

No matter whether you’re just planning to have a child or you already have other children, you want your pregnancy and birth experience to be as enjoyable and positive as possible. But here’s the problem that most women – educated, intelligent women just like you – face every day…

 Without an Empowering Support System, Pregnancy Can Seem Like a Nightmare!

You see, most expecting mothers (and probably even you) look for as much information as possible about pregnancy… and, as you’ve undoubtedly found, there’s a TON of information out there! But how much of it is actually reliable… and how much of it is relevant to your desires and your vision for your pregnancy experience?

Tell me… haven’t you spent hours scouring the Internet looking for information about what to expect during pregnancy and labor? And you’ve probably spent many more hours listening to family members, co-workers, and friends tell you about their own experiences.

The thing is… almost every single person who talks about pregnancy and labor recounts the experience as if they were describing a horror movie! It doesn’t matter whether you’re listening to your best friend or reading some stranger’s blog… you’re most likely going to leave feeling even more stressed out and fearful than you were before!

That’s no way to approach pregnancy – after all, you want the absolute best experience possible for yourself, your partner, and your child. So why let yourself continue to be exposed to people who have negative views about their pregnancy experiences?

Instead of listening to other women tell you how terrible pregnancy is… shouldn’t you seek support from someone who understands your fears and wants you to have a positive experience?

Absolutely! A supportive coach can make all the difference… and can help you enjoy the process – instead of simply hoping that it will be over as quickly as possible!

You Need Compassionate Support and Guidance… Especially if You’re Planning a Natural Childbirth!

If you’re like many women today, you like the idea of opting for natural childbirth. You don’t want the experience of childbirth masked by unnecessary drugs and a cold, clinical environment. You’d rather bring your child into the world in a warm, loving environment that you and your partner can feel good about!

But if you think hearing about conventional birth from other women is bad, try asking them what they think of natural childbirth. (Actually… don’t. It just might ruin your chances of enjoying your pregnancy at all!)

The truth is, though, natural childbirth can be a wonderful, joyous experience… if you have the right knowledge and support! Learning how to prepare and knowing what to realistically expect is the key to a natural birth experience that you can cherish for the rest of your life!

There might be many reasons you’re considering natural childbirth:

  • You’re worried about the risks that pain medications might pose to your baby’s health, and you’re not willing to take that risk!
  • You might fear that conventional pain medications might impede the childbirth process, placing unnecessary strain on you and your baby!
  • You’re concerned that conventional childbirth might not be the incredible, empowering experience you want it to be!
  • You might have had a spinal injury or other condition that makes having an epidural a risky prospect!

No matter what your reasons for wanting natural childbirth, you’re not alone! Many women all over the world are now looking for more natural birthing methods and environments instead of settling for giving birth while heavily drugged in a hospital delivery room!

Many women say that natural childbirth is one of the best decisions they ever made… and that they’d choose natural childbirth again without hesitation. This option empowers you to create the exact birth experience you want for you and your baby… and to create a “bonding moment” that will last you and your family a lifetime!

Before you let your friends or family members talk you out of natural childbirth… you need to know that when you have the right knowledge and support, it is a truly transformative experience. And isn’t that exactly what you and your baby deserve?

Don’t Risk a Traumatic Childbirth… Now, There’s a Better Way!

What if you had the support and insights of a mother who has experienced the wonders of natural childbirth… and who wants to share her knowledge and compassion with you?

What if you could find out exactly what you need to know to have a positive, memorable pregnancy and labor experience… instead of relying on stories from your friends and co-workers?

And what if you could get answers to your most pressing pregnancy and childbirth questions… from a supportive pregnancy coach who truly cares about your experience?

When you have access to a supportive, knowledgeable coach to help you through pregnancy planning, the pregnancy journey, childbirth, and beyond….

  • You’ll be able to greatly reduce your stress level, because you’ll know exactly what to expect during each stage of the pregnancy and delivery process!
  • You’ll be able to approach your pregnancy with a positive, joyous attitude, knowing that you’re going to have an empowered experience you can remember for the rest of your life!
  • You’ll feel an incredible sense of relief, knowing that you’re prepared for the safest delivery possible!
  • You’ll feel physically and mentally ready for pregnancy and delivery!
  • You’ll get to share your experience with your partner intimately, so that your family can become closer than ever!
  • You’ll be able to eliminate fear and welcome your pregnancy experience with open arms!
  • You’ll know you have the right health care providers lined up for your needs and desires!
  • You’ll be prepared for your role as a parent before your baby is ever born!

In just a moment, I’m going to tell you how you can take advantage of your own tailored pregnancy coaching program to get the most out of your pregnancy and childbirth experience. And you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to take classes in person – you can get the information, guidance, and support you need from the comfort of your very own home.

But before I give you the details, let me tell you a bit about me…

Like You, I was Overcome with Uncertainty and Stress…

My name is Rebecca Veltri. I’m a physical therapist, so I thought that when I became pregnant, I’d be able to find all of the answers I needed easily.

When it actually happened, though, I discovered that I wasn’t quite as prepared as I had thought. You see, like many mothers-to-be, I attended pregnancy classes… but I rarely got what I really wanted out of them. It seemed like the classes were a little too basic, and they didn’t cover options like natural childbirth.

I never really felt comfortable asking the questions that were weighing heavily on my mind. In many cases, my questions seemed too “unmedical” to ask in class… and it was next to impossible to get the instructor’s attention outside of class.

Thankfully, I chose to move forward with my decision to deliver my child naturally. I opted for water birth, which turned out to be one of the most empowering experiences of my life! My husband and I will always remember the experience, and looking back, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

But I knew that there were thousands of other mothers to be out there – people just like you – who were as confused as I was. I wanted them to have access to an environment where they could ask the questions they really wanted answered… without having to feel embarrassed.

I set out to become a provisional trainer for one of the most popular natural childbirth methods available today… a goal I achieved in the summer of 2014. And I used that experience to put together an empowering, uplifting pregnancy coaching program you can use to enjoy the best pregnancy and childbirth experience possible!

If You’re Ready to Confidently and Enthusiastically Experience the Miracle of Pregnancy and Childbirth… You Need to Contact Me for Your Introductory Consultation!

I know how difficult it can be to take time out of your day to attend childbirth classes in person. Believe me, as a physical therapist, I was pressed for time almost every day!

That’s why I’ve designed a wide range of pregnancy coaching packages to meet your unique needs, as well as to fit your busy schedule… without requiring you to take time away from work or your partner. I pack an incredible amount of information into my coaching modules to ensure that you’re fully prepared for your pregnancy and delivery experience… without a huge time commitment!

What can you learn by taking advantage of my pregnancy coaching sessions?

  • You’ll discover how to provide your body with the optimal nutrition to support your baby’s health… and your own well-being!
  • You’ll learn about a wide range of natural delivery options, so you can take control of the experience and make your delivery what you and your partner want it to be!
  • You’ll discover how to minimize your risk of complications during your pregnancy and delivery, so you can rest assured that your baby will be born happy and healthy!
  • You’ll learn how to take care of your body so that you can enjoy every minute of your pregnancy experience… and be ready for the demands of keeping up with your newborn!
  • You’ll find out how to choose the right health care providers… and even the ideal environment… for your delivery!
  • You’ll get proven techniques for banishing stress and worry… so that you can continue to enjoy a full, active lifestyle throughout your pregnancy!
  • You’ll learn how to handle the first few critical months after your child is born… and to use this time as a bonding experience to bring your new family closer together!
  • And much, MUCH more!

PLUS… you’ll get a safe, supportive environment where you can pose the questions you’ve been afraid to ask anywhere else. I’m thrilled to answer your questions and help you become fully prepared for your empowered pregnancy and childbirth experience!

And don’t worry… no question is too silly or too “unmedical.” Remember, I’m a mother who has experienced what you’re going through right now, and I understand how confusing all of the information out there can be… especially if you’re thinking about natural childbirth! You can expect real-world answers provided in a compassionate, supportive manner!

And although I provide a wealth of information, I strive to keep my virtual coaching sessions fun – I want you to feel comfortable with learning how to take care of your body… deliver your healthy, happy baby… and begin your incredible new life with your child.

But I don’t want you to simply take my word for it… I want you to experience the power of pregnancy coaching for yourself… on me!

Right Now, You Can Get a 15-Minute Consultation… at Absolutely No Cost to You!

I understand that it can be difficult to find the answers you need to your pregnancy and childbirth questions. And it can be even more difficult to find a pregnancy coach who genuinely cares about your experience.

So I’d like to offer you a 15-minute consultation absolutely free. That’s right – you get to try out my pregnancy coaching with zero risk or obligation!

You’ll get the chance to get to know me and understand how I can help you… and you’ll get to see what an amazing difference a compassionate, knowledgeable coach can make!

Be sure to jot down a few questions after you click the button below to request your consultation. I want to make sure your time with me is as productive and empowering as possible, so I’d like you to be prepared with at least one or two things you’d like to talk about. Of course, if you don’t have specific questions, I can help you with anything from the basics to deciding whether to pursue natural childbirth!

During your consultation, we’ll also discuss coaching packages that might be right for you. Of course, there’s no obligation… but if you find your initial consultation helpful, I’d love to work with you to help you achieve the most enjoyable pregnancy and delivery possible!

But My Schedule is Limited… So You Need to Reserve Your Initial Consultation Right Away!

I’ll be honest – I’d love to help every woman who is struggling with fear and uncertainty about childbirth. But the simple fact is this: I only have so many hours in the day to work with coaching clients.

I’ve set up this free consultation offer to give you the chance to discover how powerful pregnancy coaching can be, and how it can help empower you to experience the most magnificent pregnancy and delivery possible.

But I can only provide these initial consultations as my schedule allows. And based on the response so far… it won’t be long until my schedule fills up completely.

Right now, there are only a select few slots left… so if you want to experience the empowering, transformative benefits of pregnancy coaching with someone who truly understands your worries… you need to claim your spot now!


I look forward to helping you enjoy an empowered, joyous pregnancy and delivery!

Rebecca Veltri

 P.S.: You could easily pay hundreds of dollars to get answers to your most pressing pregnancy and childbirth questions… but if you take action now, you’re getting the answers you need from me today at absolutely no cost to you! The real question is… why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of your initial consultation session with me? Click the button below and reserve your spot today!

P.P.S.: I can tell you how much I would have loved an offer like this during my own pregnancy. And I can tell you that you can completely transform your own experience simply by reserving your consultation now. But only you can make the decision to click the button. Will you finally take control of your pregnancy experience?


Our son welcomes his little sister, just hours after she was delivered.


Our son and my mother work with birth center staff to make sure our newborn is doing well!


Our daughter arrived 10 days late. This "very hungry catepillar" onsie was made for her as a gift... for her first Halloween. 



Our son and my mother work with birth center staff to make sure our newborn is doing well!

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