Childbirth education focusing on staying low risk, minimizing interventions and learning to advocate for yourself.

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 What are your questions?
Unit 3 My Story
Module 2 Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Delivery
Unit 1 Exercise
Unit 2 Relaxation
Unit 3 Nutrition
Unit 4 Mindset
Module 3 First Stage Labor
Unit 1 Overview of Labor
Unit 2 Arriving at your birth place
Unit 3 Example birth story
Unit 4 Am I in Labor?
Unit 5 Things to Think About
Module 4 Second and Third Stage Labor
Unit 1 2nd Stage of Labor
Unit 2 2nd Stage Positions
Unit 3 Tips on pushing and 3rd stage labor
Module 5 The Big Picture
Unit 1 Overview of birth
Module 6 Newborn and Postpartum
Unit 1 Newborn and Postpartum Concerns
Unit 2 Thank you!
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