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Empowered Natural Birth
Childbirth education focusing on staying low risk, minimizing interventions and learning to advocate for yourself.
Module 1 Introduction
Welcome to Empowered Natural Birth!
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 What are your questions?
Unit 3 My Story
Module 2 Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Delivery
Learn and understand how to stay healthy and low risk through your pregnancy, labor and delivery with information on diet, exercise, and relaxation that you can use right away.
Unit 1 Exercise
Unit 2 Relaxation
Unit 3 Nutrition
Unit 4 Mindset
Module 3 First Stage Labor
Learn about the 1st stage labor; it's purpose, signs and symptoms and tools on staying more comfortable. Discover how your coach/partner can best support you during this time, as well as common medical interventions used.
Unit 1 Overview of Labor
Unit 2 Arriving at your birth place
Unit 3 Example birth story
Unit 4 Am I in Labor?
Unit 5 Things to Think About
Module 4 Second and Third Stage Labor
Discover the purpose and role of second and third stage of labor. Learn pushing positions and techniques, as well as ways your coach/partner can assist you during this stage.
Unit 1 2nd Stage of Labor
Unit 2 2nd Stage Positions
Unit 3 Tips on pushing and 3rd stage labor
Module 5 The Big Picture
Put everything you learned about the three stages of labor together to look at the big picture. Look at general labor trends so that you can better determine where you are in the process, even if your labor isn't "textbook". Also see birth through the experience of other's through birth stories.
Unit 1 Overview of birth
Module 6 Newborn and Postpartum
Learn about basic postpartum and newborn care to help you get a good start on your new life with your new addition.
Unit 1 Newborn and Postpartum Concerns
Unit 2 Thank you!



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