Have you been told you are having a large baby? Were you told your baby was large and that turned out not to be true? Baby size is a big reason providers often push for interventions near the end of pregnancy. The tricky thing is though, there isn't a great way to measure mom’s pelvis and baby’s size to determine that the baby is, in fact, too big to pass through the birth canal.
I made this video last year after several of my students from my natural childbirth class were feeling “unspoken pressure” from their physicians about the delivery method of their large babies. Because they were all in my class, they all were desiring natural, unmedicated, vaginal births so the thought of c-section or induction were upsetting to all of them. This video was the result of our conversations and some research. The take home message is that you need to ask your provider thoughtful questions and seek a second opinion if you are dissatisfied with the options your provider is giving you. Because ultrasound is off by up to 20% when guessing baby’s size and fundal height is also just an estimate of size, there’s a good chance that your baby is not actually too big to come out vaginally. If there are other factors at play, though, those need to be taken into consideration as well (gestational diabetes, for example).


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