Natural Childbirth Coaching

Compassionate, empowering support from your own experienced natural childbirth coach.
In person or virtually from the comfort of your home.

Areas of Practice

Natural Childbirth Coaching, Classes, and Support. In-person and virtual support and preparation to help you make informed choices.

Education and support for you and your family

Post-Partum care and guidance

Natural Birth Is Possible

With the right preparation and support, childbirth is one of the most exciting and memorable experiences of any woman’s life. But if you’re expecting a child (particularly if this is your first time), it can also be pretty overwhelming!
A natural childbirth coach can help mothers-to-be with:

Perparing for a Natural Birth

Addressing the emotional side of pregnancy and childbirth is a vital first step in deciding if natural childbirth is right for you.

You’re happy about being pregnant and becoming a mother… but that happiness is overshadowed by anxiety that the birthing process will not go as planned.

You’re struggling to deal with all of the hormonal changes happening in your body… and you wonder if you’ll ever get to feel “normal” again!

You’re concerned that you may not have lined up the right health care providers for you when you finally go into labor!

You probably recognized at least a few of these fears and frustrations… and if you’re like most women, you might even feel a little bit guilty about having those feelings.

Education and Empowerment

If you’re like many women today, you like the idea of opting for natural childbirth. There’s a TON of information out there! But how much of it is actually reliable… and how much of it is relevant to your desires and your vision for your pregnancy experience?

You don’t want the experience of childbirth masked by unnecessary drugs and a cold, clinical environment.

You’d rather bring your child into the world in a warm, loving environment that you and your partner can feel good about!

Natural childbirth can be a wonderful, joyous experience… if you have the right knowledge and support! Learning how to prepare and knowing what to realistically expect is the key to a natural birth experience that you can cherish for the rest of your life!

Anxieties & Concerns

Fears and worries are extremely common – you’re not the only one dealing with them! And there’s really no reason to feel guilty about having these feelings. After all, no matter whether you have or haven’t had children before, each experience is completely unique… and you worry that you’re not prepared!

Family members, co-workers, and friends tell you about their own experiences, and about how your vision of a natural childbirth is crazy. Especially since you want a natural child birth experience.

Family and friends mean well, but often times they can contribute to stress rather than helping you to relax. Coaching and concrete examples help to ease your concerns because you and your partner will know exactly what to expect at each stage during the pregnancy and delivery process.

Chosing a Healthcare Provider

Finding a healthcare provider that supports and encourages your desire for a natural birth can be frustrating. Chances are, your primary concern is to minimize your risk of complications during your pregnancy and delivery, so you can rest assured that your baby will be born happy and healthy!

Your healthcare provider is a critical to this outcome, and asking the right questions to find one can be tricky. A natural childbirth coach can help you identify and choose the right health care providers… and even the ideal environment… for your delivery!

A childbirth coach can also show you how to handle the first few critical months after your child is born… and to use this time as a bonding experience to bring your new family closer together!

Nutrition and Exercise

During pregnancy, you are eating for you plus your baby. It is important to take care of your body so that you can enjoy every minute of your pregnancy experience… and be ready for the demands of keeping up with your newborn!

Certain foods are great for mom and baby, and other foods need to be avoided or modified. A natural birth coach can provide your body with the optimal nutrition & exercise to support your baby’s health… and your own well-being!

Ask "Those Questions"

During your pregnancy, the only silly question is the one that goes unasked. With a childbirth coach, no question is too silly or too “unmedical.” Remember, your concerns are addressed by a mother who has experienced what you’re going through right now, who understands how confusing all of the information out there can be… especially if you’re thinking about natural childbirth! You can expect real-world answers provided in a compassionate, supportive manner!

"I knew what to expect, what I wanted and learned what by body and most of all mind could handle. Rebecca’s genuine caring, experience, and understanding of the powerful human body are key to making her an exceptional coach, teacher and counselor."

Jean Smith, Mother & Client

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